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What We Do

Construction Services

Construction services include: staffing, value engineering, construction management, and design/build services.

As a self-performing general contractor AACON General Contractors can provide the necessary project management team and on-site labor to complete the project on time, within budget, and with the expected quality.

Safety is such a concern that spontaneous inspections by both our in-house safety team and our insurance carrier are performed on a regular basis.

Our scheduling and accounting systems include the use of Microsoft Project and Sage Master Builder software.

We uphold a commitment to excellence in which we clearly out perform all others in quality, competitiveness, and services to the customer from proposals to project closeout. We maintain everyday the pursuit to improve each aspect of our business with the expressed value and purpose is only realized by the degree of our customer's satisfaction.

Construction Management

AACON General Contractors' basic philosophy of Construction Management is to assume responsibility as an extension of the project owner's staff, dedicated to the idea that each action taken and each issue resolved must be in the owner's best interest. We provide comprehensive direction, under a single source agreement, of all consultants involved in the project or we can tailor the range of our management activities to your specific requirements.

Once your project is underway, we provide detailed project scheduling, permitting coordination, critical materials procurement and field supervision to ensure your project's success. Our experienced construction managers and superintendents "sweat the details" to deliver to you total quality that meets and exceeds your expectations. 

Design Build

AACON General Contractors can be relied upon to provide project owners with an uncompromising quality of service on design-build projects. We can work with your designated design consultants, or we can employ firms with whom we have longstanding working relationships and know to be fully capable of meeting your individual design requirements. In this way, you are assured of the most proficient possible design expertise, which typically cannot be obtained through companies utilizing an in-house design staff.

AACON General Contractors has in-house estimating and value engineering services, and can construct your project Turn-Key. Our team of architects, engineers and project managers provide you with comprehensive consultation including site selection, facility planning and complete building plans. We provide conceptual cost estimating early in the planning process to help your project fit your budget.

Preconstruction Services

Preconstruction services may include any of the following: scheduling, initial budgeting, planning and zoning review, permitting, and pre-bid drawings.


AACON General Contractors can establish and maintain the schedule for the preconstruction services. All involved parties, including the architect, interior designers, testing services, subcontractors, Owner and us, will provide the information necessary to develop the milestones and durations for the preconstruction schedule.

Budgeting and Value Engineering

AACON General Contractors can provide budgeting services during the Schematic and Design Development phases of the design process. Our Value Engineering will assist the design team achieve the desired design at the lowest cost by offering alternate materials or systems during the design process.

On Site Services

AACON General Contractors can provide the necessary work on site to assist the design team make decisions regarding existing conditions. Selective Demolition Work, as directed by the design team, may be required to verify existing conditions or dimensions. This Work may include any temporary systems/ protection as required, and any repairs to the same areas.

Industries Served

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