Department of Veterans Affairs, Robley Rex Medical Clinic:
Replace North Campus Sidewalks

Louisville, KY

About this Project

AACON was awarded a contract to remove and replace sidewalks along the North Campus of Robley Rex Medical Clinic in Louisville, KY by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The scope of work included the demolition of 4-foot wide sidewalks to be replaced with 6-foot wide sidewalks on the north end of the campus, demolition and replacement of specified trench drains, demolition and replacement of existing handrails, relocation of exterior light poles, fixtures, and bases, rerouting of existing storm drainage piping, and roadway paint striping.

Throughout the project, work areas were fenced off and barricaded due to the high volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The base material under the existing sidewalks was undercut by six inches and replaced with select granular material. Once proper grades were established and density testing confirmed required compaction, formwork was built, and sidewalks were placed with 4000 psi concrete. A large section of the new sidewalks required the installation of trench drains to be placed monolithically with reinforcing steel to minimize the number of construction joints. The sidewalk was core drilled to install a handrail, and an existing building’s downspouts were tied-in to the storm drainage system approximately two-hundred feet away from the structure. Flexible, corrugated pipe was utilized, and required trenching was backfilled with suitable material acquired during excavation. The previously removed light poles and bollard fixture were reinstalled as close to the original location as possible, while still providing the required number of luminaires for safe pedestrian travel.

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
Project Value: $361,205.00
Set Aside: Competitive – SDVOSB Set Aside

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