National Park Service, Andrew Johnson National Historic Site:
Memorial Building Roof Replacement

Greeneville, TN

About this Project

AACON was awarded a contract to replace the existing natural slate roof at the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site with synthetic slate system to replicate the original design. The Memorial Building was constructed by the State of Tennessee in 1923 to house Andrew Johnson’s Tailor shop and still serves that purpose today.

The scope of work included the removal of the worn roof, copper flashings and snow guards followed by installation of a completely new roof system. This project was designated to serve as a template for future slate roof replacements throughout NPS sites. Accordingly, AACON worked closely with all stakeholders through the timely process of approval for the color, texture and design of the synthetic slate tiles and gutter system. Given the fact that the Memorial Building is part of a historical site with multiple structures and frequent visitors, particular attention was paid to site safety for both visitors and workers. Once all field measurements were completed and fall protection systems were in place, demolition of the original roof could proceed. Due to the historic Tailor Shop being housed in the building, the site had to be left weather-tight at the end of each day. The only obstacle that AACON faced during construction was the ever-changing inclement weather. The final product received great reviews from the NPS and surrounding community.

Client: Department of Interior, National Park Service
Project Value: $158,932.39
Set Aside: 8(a) Sole Source

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