National Park Service, Pea Ridge National Military Park:
Rehabilitation of the ELKHORN TAVERN

Garfield, AR

About this Project

The National Park Service awarded AACON this contract in the Spring of 2018, and the project
that summer. While the Tavern was closed during construction, the grounds remained open to school tours and the general public creating the need for an elevated plan for a secure and safe work site. The statement of work consisted of the following: removal and replacement of structural framing; removal and build back of the front and back porches; repair and replacement of all shiplap siding; installation of new cedar shingle wood roof; installation of new structural framing in the basement / attic and floors; new concrete and ADA compliant stone paver walkways meeting historical renovation standards; replacement of historical windows with historical glass and new glazing inside and out; installation of new solar panel system to support power needed for the building including new fire and burglary alarms with motion sensors.

NPS recognized AACONs due diligence in working through significant setbacks to finish the job on time and on budget. This included unforeseen conditions such as the removal and proper disposal of asbestos floor tiles/mastic and lead-based paint, a prolonged government shutdown, and the detailed approvals required by the client when working in a designated historic site. AACON provided and installed new prefabricated material for all the interior upgrades to match historical presence from the 1800s.

Client: Department of Interior, National Park Service
Project Value: $507,667.00
Set Aside: Competitive – HUBZone Set Aside

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